LGBT History Month is here!


Hi all,

February is LGBT History Month here in the UK and there are tons of events all around the UK (I’ve pasted some links below – but do google “LGBT history month + where you live” for events in your area). Here at Queer YA, I will try to post very regularly about a bunch of books and films and other cultural awesomeness that is happening this month. Do give me a shout if you want to participate! I’ll update this post with the links as I go along.


LGBT History Month on Queer YA:

Some LGBT book recommendations: fellow bloggers, authors and readers share their favourite LGBT books!

A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner: A beautifully written coming of age story about friendship, sexuality and grief.

Gender Identity around the World: Thailand’s Toms: Toms (tomboy women who don’t identify as lesbian or trans*) are unique to Thailand and it’s a fascinating look into the country’s gender identity culture.

A selection of LGBTQ love stories just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Some links: