Music: Shamir and In For The Kill

Shamir in concert, Columbus, Ohio

Shamir in concert, Columbus, Ohio

I’ve been browsing online for new tunes to listen to this summer and have just fallen in love with In For The Kill by Shamir. The video is gorgeous and I’ve been listening to the song non-stop all day. The tune is oh so catchy.

Shamir released his first album Ratchet last year and he has a unique style.  Shamir’s voice is described as an androgynous countertenor and his sound is a blend of pop, disco, soul and house.

In interviews with Out Magazine and Dummy, Shamir has been talking about his sexuality, gender identity, pronouns as well as being brought up in Las Vegas in a Muslim family. Both interviews are well worth a read.

Check out the two videos below and give the album a listen:

Shamir – In For The Kill:

Shamir – On The Regular:

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