Queer and LGBTQIA Podcasts

I have recently fallen down the podcast rabbit hole. I have gone from “what even is a podcast?” to “I need to delete all my music to make space for them on my phone” in the space of a week.

Yes, that bad.

Now I’m wondering how on earth I managed to survive without them before. I’ve listed below some of my new finds in podcast-land, let me know yours!


The Queer Life

The Queer Life is dedicated to providing discussions that are relevant to an all-inclusive community of queer individuals. It is amplifying the voices of otherwise under-represented minorities:  bisexuals, women, gays, lesbians, people of color, poor, trans*, polyamorous, and those with otherwise radical existences that challenge the status quo.

Website: http://www.thequeerlife.org



StrangeFruit is a podcast that examines politics and pop culture from a black gay perspective

Website: https://soundcloud.com/strangefruitpod


The Gender Rebels

The Gender Rebels is a weekly question-and-answer podcast that explores life outside the binary; crossdressing, transgender topics, queer life and anything else that helps break down the gender binary.

Website: http://genderrebels.podbean.com


Queer History

Queer History aims to bring queer history to the present.

Website: http://queerhistory.podbean.com




Homoground is a podcast featuring a network of queer music and media creators.

Website: http://homoground.com


The Queer Public Podcast

The Queer Public Podcast is about queer culture, politics and identity.

Website: http://queerpublic.org


TransWaves podcast:

Transwaves is a podcast run by the Trans Youth Equality Foundation. They interview trans youth, allies, providers, activists, families, and more to bring the voices of the trans child movement to a wider audience. 

Website: https://soundcloud.com/transwaves

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