Queer YA aims to highlight sexuality and gender identity diversity in youth culture and beyond. Diversity is quite possibly the best thing about being human and I’ve been finding mainstream media lacking in this area. I try to blog about anything and everything queer-related, with a  focus on things that might be of interest to people based in the UK and Ireland.

There are currently a lot of posts about LGBTQIA* YA books but I’m working to expand on this.

If you have any question or if you would like to participate or just point out a book/film/album/exhibition/etc. which doesn’t feature (yet!) on the blog, drop me a line on queerya [at] hotmail [dot] com

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About me:

I’m Caro, I’m a queer and genderqueer person working in the publishing industry in Scotland. In my spare time, I write, volunteer to support LGBT* teens as well as pickle and cook. I live in Edinburgh with my partner, our unruly dogs and ninja cats.

Words and Labels:

No one really agrees on a term to define our community and it can very much be a personal choice. I named this blog Queer YA on one part because this is a term that I personally prefer using, and on another, one that I feel is inclusive. I totally understand that it is not an opinion shared by everyone and that, as a reclaimed term of abuse, some people find ‘queer’ to be too negatively charged. No offence is intended, and I hope a divergence of opinion about labels won’t cloud anyone’s enjoyment of reading this blog.