Queer YA aims to highlight sexuality and gender identity diversity in youth culture. Diversity is quite possibly the best thing about being human and I was finding it hard to find that diversity in mainstream media – so I decided to create this blog!

There will be a lot about LGBTQIA* YA books but I’m also looking forward to researching other cultural areas for this diversity.

I want it to be more of a community type of blog – the more participants, the better.

If you have any question, would like to participate or just point out a book/film/album/exhibition which doesn’t feature (yet!) on the blog, drop me a line on queerya [at] hotmail [dot] com

Queer YA is also active on Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

About me:

I’m Caroline and I work in the publishing industry in Scotland and volunteer to support LGBT* teens in my spare time. I live in Edinburgh with my wife, our two unruly dogs and our two ninja cats.

Words and Labels:

No one really agrees on a term to define our community and it can very much be a personal choice. I named this blog Queer YA on one part because this is a term that I personally prefer using, and on another, one that I feel is inclusive. I totally understand that it is not an opinion shared by everyone and that, as a reclaimed term of abuse, some people find ‘queer’ to be too negatively charged. No offence was meant in any way and I hope a divergence of opinion on terms won’t cloud the enjoyment of reading this blog.